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Your journey to getting fit begins here. CrossFit offers intense, challenging, but highly rewarding workouts that will push you to levels of fitness you never thought you could achieve. Beginners will be surprised at what they can do. Advanced athletes will continue to make progress. Regardless of your current condition or age, you can improve your fitness and health.

Our conditioning program is different from what you’re used to. Think of it as cardio and strength training, rolled into one eclectic, efficient package. You’ll work hard. You won’t be bored. And you’ll look forward to coming back.

Master Trainer John Stone talks with Robin Stoloff of NBC40's Health Update about Oceanside's CrossFit program

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What do we do here, anyway?

Rather than trying to train specific muscles or cardio, we train for better movement. We'll teach you the movements first, and then up the intensity so that the training can make you fit and strong.

You'll join a group of workout “enthusiasts” in some kick-ass exercise. The trainer leads everyone through a warm up, teaches the exercises in that day's workout, and helps everybody get set up with the equipment they need. During the workout every person is coached as needed. Exercises are modified as needed so that everyone can do them.

We're not going to lie to you, this isn't going to be easy. You have to work for it. These workouts can "suck," however, as you see the amazing results you get, you will eventually learn to, as we like to say, "Embrace the Suck."

Why do we do it, you might ask...because we like it! We like a challenge. We like to push ourselves beyond what we ever thought we were capable of doing, and so will you!

How Do I Get Started?

We want to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision whether we’re a good fit for your fitness goals. The first step is for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you. We offer a free one-hour gym orientation, goals discussion, and introductory personal training session with one of our instructors to get the process started. Simply contact us to set up a convenient time for you to come in.

Pull ups, kettlebell swings, push-ups, farmer's walk, push-presses, thrusters, rowing, power cleans, deadlifts, burpees are some of our favorite exercises. Don't worry if you can’t do them or don't even know what they are, we’ll have you doing all this and more.

You'll work with an experienced CrossFit trainer to (1) evaluate your needs and establish goals, (2) learn safe movements that will be used in the workouts, (3) understand the CrossFit approach to training, and (4) come up to speed skill-wise in CrossFit workouts in order to join the group training classes.

How hard you work, and how much you suffer, is ultimately up to you. We'll push you as much as we can, but you decide the level of intensity you're willing to reach.

How fit are you?

That simple question quickly gets complex. Fit for what? How fit is fit enough, and how do you evaluate your fitness? It's rewarding to be good at a competitive sport. But most sport-focused workouts are specialized enough to leave weak areas you may not be aware of. Unexposed weaknesses can lead to performance plateaus and injuries.

The ten generally recognized components of physical fitness are:

Cardiorespiratory Endurance - Strength - Stamina - Flexibility
Coordination - Agility - Balance - Accuracy - Power - Speed

A varied workout program like CrossFit develops all of these components. To maximize development of new strengths and skills, it helps to set goals, measure progress, and aim for balance among the skills. The Athletic Skill Levels make goal-setting more efficient and allows you to evaluate your progress through four levels of fitness.

Using the Athletic Skill Levels

Developing expertise in any area requires determined, consistent effort. The Levels are designed to provide a general fitness perspective, to help set appropriate goals, and to allow focus work on weak areas that result in the rewarding mastery of activities you couldn't do before. The levels are:

  • Level I - Healthy beginner. This level is the minimum standard for health. Lacking these basic levels of strength, flexibility and work capacity makes daily life unnecessarily limited. The complete Level I should be attainable within three to 12 months for those with no significant limitations. At this level, proper basic movements, such as hip flexion and active shoulder use, are developed, while healed injuries and structural problems are resolved.
  • Level II - Intermediate athlete. All healthy adults can aspire to this level of fitness and should perceive these skills as normal. Basic movements are perfected and advanced skills are introduced. The complete Level II may take from six months to several years to reach after achieving Level I. Along the way, you develop significant levels of strength, stamina, work capacity and speed, building on the Level I foundation already attained.
  • Level III - Advanced athlete. Few people possess this level of general fitness, although any healthy person can achieve it. The strength, work capacity, power and skill required to meet these goals can prepare you to tackle any kind of physical performance with competence and confidence. Expect to invest another three to five years of consistent effort. This is an appropriate level of general fitness for those who depend on their fitness: competitive athletes, military, law enforcement and firefighters. Engaging in combat or highly competitive sports without possessing the abilities of Level III is inviting injury or failure. Any additional requirements of your sport need to be added to this list.
  • Level IV - Elite athlete. This level of achievement requires long-term dedication and a passion for fitness. The skills required of Level IV are very advanced and, taken as a whole, represent a highly skilled and well-rounded athlete.

Each skill level contains its own progression of multi-joint movements of increasing skill, making it easy to expose weak areas, set goals, and gauge your progress. At the same time, you experience the rewards of increased general fitness. You develop strength, stamina and flexibility with measurable drills such as running, rowing and a selection of named CrossFit workouts. Increasingly complex movements bring improvement in coordination, balance and power output.

Finally, the Athletic Skill Levels are intended to be a gauge and a guide, not a standardized test you are obliged to "pass." Do not beat yourself up for not being "elite." Use the Levels to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and to make smart choices about your training time. This guide is not a definitive guide to CrossFit, an exercise prescription, nor a complete guide to developing the skills. The skills are intended to be broadly representative of general fitness.

Level I is a beginning level and the appropriate load or height is determined by the ability to execute good technique. In order to claim ownership of a particular skill level, you must be able to accomplish ALL of the tasks of that level within a 30 day period. The idea is that on any given day you could perform any of the tasks in a particular level without special preparation.

The real point of the Athletic Skill Levels is to weed out glaring deficiencies in your fitness.

So, yes, CrossFit is right for you. It is right for everyone. That doesn’t mean it is easy, in fact, it may be the most challenging workout you will ever come across. But, it may also be the most rewarding and provide the best results!

We will push you (and ourselves) for greater intensity, better technique, faster times, better form, heavier loads, and more reps. Come with desire–you need to want the best fitness of your life. No matter what your age, weight, experience, or fitness level, the equation stays the same–max effort leads to max intensity which leads to a fitness level that will astound you every day. CrossFit changes lives. Let it change yours just like it has changed ours.

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